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    Advanced Special Steels Research Team

    Team introduction

      Research Team for the Advanced Special Steels

    Focusing on the needs of the country and the industry, the team carry out basic theories and common technology research on special steel development and production to solving the stable production problems of those large amount and widely used typical special steels in China, and to promoting the overall progress of domestic special steel quality. The team also aim to independent development the high-grade special steels urgently needed for major national projects, strategic emerging industries, and defense industries, and to provide theoretical basis and complete technical support for breaking the technical bottleneck of high-grade special steels production.

    Research areas

    1. New strengthening and toughening mechanism of special steels, high reliability and long-life mechanism.

    2. Microstructure evolution mechanism and control technology in special steel production and service processes.

    3. Material design technology for special steels used in extreme environments.

    4. Steelmaking and inclusion control technology for high quality special steels.

    5. High reliability and long-life special steel grades such as bearing steel, gear steel, spring steel, Non-quenched and tempered steel.

    6. Advanced heat resistant steel, advanced tool and die steel, high performance stainless steel and corrosion resistant alloy.


    The team has undertaken more than 30 scientific research projects from National Key Research and Development Program of China, "863" program, National Science and Technology Support Program, The National Natural Science Foundation of China, provincial science and technology research projects, enterprise project. Received 2 provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards. Published more than 100 academic papers in academic journals and international conferences, of which more than 60 were searched by SCI/EI, and more than 30 national invention patents were authorized. Trained more than 60 doctoral and master students.


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