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    Advanced Energy Steel Research Team

    Team introduction

      Advanced Energy Steel Research Team

    The advanced energy steel team mainly focuses on the needs of the national advanced energy development and key energy engineering construction, studies and develops the key high performance steel materials urgently needed for the major nuclear power equipment, ultra-supercritical thermal power steel, deep oil and gas exploitation, large oil and gas pipeline transportation, and studies the alloy system design and organizational structure design. Considering the regulation and control, the degradation and failure mechanism of material properties under special service conditions, it provides theoretical and technical support for solving the key materials needed by national major projects.


    1. Steel for major nuclear power equipment

    2. Ultra Supercritical Thermal Power Steel

    3. Oil and Gas Exploitation and Storage Steel

    4. Low iron loss and high magnetic induction electrical steel

    5. Design, preparation and service evaluation technology of new metal materials



    There are 8 teachers in the advanced energy steel team. Among them, there are 3 full-time professors/researchers, 1 part-time professor, 2 associate researchers/senior engineers and 2 assistant researchers/engineers. In recent years, it has undertaken and completed more than 60 national key R&D projects, National Natural Science Foundation projects and horizontal collaboration projects, and won more than 10 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.



    Key technologies such as super large ingot electroslag remelting, integral forging and precise bending of large-scale pipes for the third generation nuclear power main pipeline have been overcome, service evaluation of key materials for prolonging the life of nuclear power plants has been carried out, and safety evaluation technology of components based on material aging has been established.



    On the basis of 650 ultra-supercritical steel for power station, the design viewpoint of selective strengthening of heat-resistant materials for power station is put forward. Considering alloy design, microstructure evolution and service behavior, the design principle of alloy for 700 ultra-supercritical power station and the influence mechanism of high temperature structure stability are preliminarily completed.


    The AP1000 main pipeline developed with Taihai Nuclear Power and Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has realized mass production, passed the license certification of the National Nuclear Safety Administration, and has been installed and applied in Haiyang and Sanmen units. This is a major breakthrough in the production technology of China's main pipeline, and also lays a foundation for the production technology of Hualong No. 1, AP1400, AP1700 and other independent stacking main


    In cooperation with Nangang, we have developed fully standardized S355G, S355NL and S420ML series low temperature structural steel with full specification, low temperature and excellent welding quality and stable physical quality. It has been successfully applied to the EAST ANGLIA offshore wind power project and the world's largest liquefied natural gas project in the world, and has successfully implemented the "one belt and one road" and "ice silk road" initiative. It provides the guarantee of basic materials. The project won the second prize for scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province.




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