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    Advanced steel materials and their preparation

    Team introduction

      Advanced steel materials and their preparation


    Prof. Xinping Mao,

    Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering;

    Tenured professor, University of Science and Technology Beijing;

    Director of the Center for Collaborative Innovation of Steel Technology in the national 2011 Plan;

    Chairman of China Marine Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance;

    Chairman of China Metallurgical Society Near-Net Shape Manufacturing Technology Branch;

    Executive director of Low Alloy Steel Branch of the Chinese Society for Metals.

    Team introduction

    General introduction

    Based on the green and ecological development of the iron and steel industry, and focused on the major national projects, high-end equipments, and other highly needed high-performance steel materials, Prof. Mao’s team fully excavates and utilizes the characteristics of process and physical metallurgical of the near-net-shape manufacturing technique, developing advanced steel materials based on the near-net-shape manufacturing technique. Prof. Mao’s research provides cutting-edge exploration and theoretical support for the development of green, low-cost, high-performance, and high-quality steel materials.


    Research Interests


    Near-net-shape manufacturing technology and advanced steel materials


    Achievements and Honors

    Prof. Xinping Mao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the team leader. He has won three national science and technology progress awards, eight provincial & ministerial science and technology progress first-class awards, one national excellent engineering design silver award, one outstanding Chinese patent award, and published more than 160 papers. He has authorized more than 60 invention patents, published three books, which were selected as the "Three One-Hundreds Plan" original books and "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" national key books.


    Team members

    Prof. Mao’s team is composed of many key researchers from the University of Science and Technology Beijing, General of Iron & Steel Research Institute, Baosteel Research Institute, etc.


    Published Books

    1. Xinping Mao. Microalloying Technology on Thin Slab Casting and Direct Rolling Process [M]. Beijing, Metallurgical Industry Press. 2008.

    2. Xinping Mao. Titanium Microalloyed Steel [M]. BeijingMetallurgical Industry Press, 2016.

    3. Xinping Mao. Titanium Microalloyed Steel: Fundamentals,Technology, and Products[M].Springer Press,2019.


    Featured Publications

    1. Xinping Mao, Xiangdong Huo, Xinjun Sun, Yizhong Chai. Strengthening mechanisms of a new 700MPa hot rolled Ti-microalloyed steel produced by compact strip production[J]. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2010, 210(9)1660-1666.

    2. Xin-ping Mao, Qi-ling Cheng, Xin-jun Sun. Metallurgical Interpretation on Grain Refinement and Synergistic Effect of Mn and Ti in Ti-microalloyed Strip Produced by CSP[J]. Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International, 2014, 21:31-40.

    3. Xinping Mao, Xinjun Sun, Yonglin Kang, et al. Physical and metallurgical characteristics of Ti microalloyed steel in thin slab continuous casting and rolling. Acta Metallurgica Sinica, 2006; 42 (10): 1091-1095.

    4. Xinping Mao, Jixiang Gao, Yizhong Chai. Development of Thin Slab Continuous Casting and Rolling Technology in China [J]. Iron and Steel, 2014, 49 (7): 49-60.



    1. A technique for producing Ti micro-alloyed high-strength weather-resistant steel plate by applying thin slab continuous casting and rolling process, invention patent, patent number: ZL200510036889.X

    2. 700MPa Ti micro-alloyed ultrafine grain steel and its production method, invention patent, patent number: ZL 200910038833.6

    3. A technique for producing V-N micro-alloy high-strength steel strip by thin slab continuous casting and rolling technology, invention patent, patent number: ZL200510100421.2

    4. A method for producing medium-carbon steel hot-rolled sheet steel, invention patent, patent number: ZL 200910041759.3


    Detailed Awards for scientific research





    Project Name

    Completor (winner)


    National Prize for Progress in Science and   Technology

    Second prize


    Key technologies   for advanced short process high quality special steel manufacturing and their   industrialization

    Xinping Mao,   Chao Zhang, Bin Han, Shuize Wang, et al.


    National Prize for Progress in Science and   Technology

    Second prize


    Development and   industrialization of high-quality, high-proportion thin-gauge hot-rolled   steel sheet production technology

    Xinping Mao,   Zhiru Xu, Yifan Liao, et al.


    National Prize for Progress in Science and   Technology

    Second prize


    Research on   Micro-alloying Technology of Continuous Casting and Rolling of Thin Sheets   and Development of Low-cost and High-performance Micro Union Steel

    Ruosheng Zhang,   Xinping Mao, Yonglin Kang, et al.


    Provincial and   ministerial science and technology progress award

    First prize


    Development and   application of resource-saving hot-rolled steel plate

    Xinping Mao,   Zhiru Xu, Kexin Li, et al.


    Provincial and   ministerial science and technology progress award

    First prize


    Research on Nb   Microalloying Technology and Development of Pipeline Steel Products

    Xinping Mao,   Qingyou Liu, Zhiru Xu


    Provincial and   ministerial science and technology progress award

    First prize


    Strengthening   Mechanism, Control Technology and Application of Ti Microalloyed High   Strength and Ultra High Strength Weathering Steel

    Xinping Mao,   Yonglin Kang, Liejun Li



    Team Members

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