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    Intelligent Manufacturing Team

    Team introduction

      Introduction of Intelligent Manufacturing Team

    The team of Intelligent Manufacturing consists of four Professors, one Associate Professor, one Lecturer, and one Postdoc. The main research directions including three aspects, Throughout-process Product Quality Online ControlIntelligent Sensing Technology, and Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions and Planning.

    Firstly, we developed an online quality control platform to realize online quality monitoring, rating, diagnosis and optimization, and improve quality stability based industrial big data analysis methods. Therefore, we have developed the project of Throughout-process Product Quality Online Control for different production process in more than 10 enterprises.

    Secondly, we independent research and developed the surface defect online detection system, rapid detection of slab internal quality, equipment of remote operation and maintenance, wireless sensors and other sensing technologies, and the Intelligent Sensing Technology has applied in more than 100 production lines at home and abroad.

    Thirdly, we also has formulate group intelligent manufacturing solution for Anshan Iron and Steel and Maanshan Iron and Steel Group, and intelligent workshop planning for production lines such as Nangang 5500 plate and Maanshan 2250 hot rolling , and provide the vision of a "The Future Dream for Steel Factory" for China Iron and Steel Association.



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