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  • Welcome to collaborative innovation center of steel technology !
    Intelligent Manufacturing Team

    Team Introduction

      Zhimin Lv    Professor

    Zhimin Lv, the professor of Collaborative Innovation Center of Steel Technology, received his Ph.D. from USTB in 1999.

    Zhimin Lv, the professor of Collaborative Innovation Center of Steel Technology, received his Ph.D. from USTB in 1999. His recent research interest is metallurgical production process modeling method, application of industrial big data, production planning and scheduling theory and intelligent manufacturing, etc. In recent years, his research results have been applied to many iron and steel enterprises, and won many awards for scientific and technological achievements.

    Research Projects


    1. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,Smart Factory for Cold Rolling of Silicon Steel,2016-2019

    2. Cooperation Projects,Big Data Analysis Project for Product Throughout Process Quality of Anshan Steel, 2018-2020

    3. Cooperation Projects,Digital Workshop of Rail Beam Factory of Angang,2018-2020


    1. Li T, Castro P M, Lv Z. Life cycle assessment and optimization of an iron making system with a combined cycle power plant: a case study from China [J]. Clean Technologies & Environmental Policy, 2016:1-13

    2. Sui X, Lv Z. Prediction of the mechanical properties of hot rolling products by using attribute reduction ELM [J]. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2016, 85(5-8):1395-1403

    3.  Lv Z, Li T, Zhang J. A Heuristic Order Promising Method Based on Short-Term Production Capacity Balancing Planning [J]. Cybernetics and Information Technologies, 2015, 15(6): 147-158

    4. Zhang Xu-jun,Lv Zhi-min,Model and Solution of Integrated Batch Planning and Scheduling for Steelmaking-Continuous Casting-Hot Rolling, Control and Decision, 2013,288:1257-1262

    5. Lu Zhi-min, Song Xiao-qing, Dong Shao-hua,Mid-Term Production Plan Modeling and Algorithm for Integrated Steel Enterprise, Computer Integrated Manufacturing System,2011,171:89-94

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