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    Marine Engineering Steel Research Team

    Team introduction

      Introduction of Marine Engineering Steel Research Team

    Overall introduction

    Lab of Steel for Offshore Structure is devoted to the research of steels for offshore platforms, offshore installations, cross-sea bridges, submarine pipelines, infrastructure in polar areas and special vessels.  The lab is funded by National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), National High-Tech R&D Program (863 Program), National Key Technology Research and Development Program, National Key Research and Development Program and National Natural Science Foundation of China and has established a long-term cooperation with domestic and international companies,  including Royal Dutch Shell, Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Minera??o and large steel companies in China. The lab is engaged in long-term research on the physical foundation and application technology of steels for offshore platforms and special vessels, high strength atmospheric corrosion resistant bridge steels,  marine atmospheric corrosion resistant steels, expandable tubulars for marine petroleum exploration, ultra-high strength oil well pipes,  high-performance oil&gas pipelines, aseismic steels, fire-resistant steels and weathering construction steels. Some of the projects include:

    National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program):

    Study of Fine Structure of the Third Generation High Strength, High Toughness and Low Alloy Steel (2010CB630801), 2010-2014;

    Study of coastal atmospheric corrosion behavior of high strength-toughness ultra-fine complex microstructure steel (2004CB619102) 2004-2009;

    National High-Tech R&D Program (863 Program):

    Control of microstructure and properties of high strength and marine corrosion resistant steel and applications (2006AA03Z507), 2006-2010;

    Research on 690MPa Grade Ultra High Strength Weldable Structural Steel for  Marine Platform (2008AA03Z501), 2009-2010;

    National Key Technology Research and Development Program

    Development of High Performance Expandable Tube and its Industrialization (2015BAE03B02), 2015-2017

    National Key Research and Development Program

    High Performance Steel with Anti-Earthquake, Refractory and Weather Resistant properties forearthquake-resistant, fire-resistant and weather-resistant building structures 2017YFGX010046), 2017-2021;

    690MPa Grade High Performance Bridge Steel with Low Yield Ratio (2017YFB0304800), 2017-2021.


    1. High performance offshore platform steel

    2. Coastal facilities and high performance bridge steel

    3. Submarine pipelines and polar steel

    4. Special ship steel

    5. High performance building structural steel

    achievements and honors

    In 2010, Chief scientist of the Lab, Professor CJ Shang was awarded by "Charles Hatchett Price" by Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). Professor Shang was elected to be Professional Fellow of IOMMM in 2017. Three national science and technology awards were granted, and 11 prices were award by provincial government and authority associations. Four books were published by the Lab. More than 100 Ph.d students and masters students were graduated from the Lab.Member

    The team consists of 4 professors, 1 associate professor, 3 assistant researchers (post teacher postdoctoral), and 3 visiting professors.



    Chengjia Shang


    Shanwu Yang


    Qingwu Cai

    Xuemin Wang


    Hui Guo


    Xiucheng Li


    Zhenjia Xie


    Jingliang Wang


    Representative Patent】

    1.CN Patent (201610893879.6), “Method for improving low temperature toughness of thick plate multipass welding joint” 

    2.CN Patent (201610893877.7), “A high - strength and high - strength submerged arc welding wire for low temperature application”

    3.CN Patent (201610867065.5), “A high strength and high elongation low density medium plate and its preparation method”

    4.CN Patent (201510444298.X), “A elastic alloy for high elastic modulus elastic element and its preparation method”

    5.CN Patent (201510300961.9), “Preparation of medium plate containing interphase titanium carbide”

    6.CN Patent (201510053555.7), “A method for determining the actual temperature inside a steel block in a resistance furnace”




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