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    Modern Transportation Steel Research Team

    Team introduction

      Modern Transportation Steel Research Team

    To meet the requirements on the research and development of metallic products in application of modern vehicles and transportation equipment, we mainly focus on the related fundamental science, metal forming technology, and commercialize of certain technology.  We directly serve for the main companies in China with the main products employed in, like high-speed railway, vehicles, transportation equipment and other related machines.

    [Research Area]

    1.      Light metallic materials for vehicles.

    2.      Materials forming and applications.

    3.      Simulation on the microstructure and the mechanical properties.

    [Prize and Achievements]

    5 Science and technology awards at the level of province.

    More than 300 journal publications.

    5 books.

    ~100 PhD and Master students have graduated from our group.

    [Team Members]

    In total 25 principle researchers, mainly from the University of Science and technology Beijing, North-east universit, Shanghai university, institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bao Steel, An Steel, ShouGang.


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