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    The Clean Steel Team

    Team introduction

      Team Introduction

    General Introduction

    The clean steel team is centered on the independent research and development of steel materials and the green manufacturing of steel smelting, which are urgently needed by major national projects. The metallurgical process and energy conservation and environmental protection are two important directions.

    In the aspect of metallurgical process, based on the basic scientific theory of upgrading steel materials and the ability of industrial science and technology innovation and overall competitiveness, the basic theories and key commonalities of metallurgical physics related to metallurgical engineering disciplines involved in the design, production and use of steel materials are solved. Technology, production process optimization and quality control stability control issues. The goal is to realize the design and optimization of metallurgical slag system for high quality steel production, the control theory and process of inclusions, the quality control and process optimization of continuous casting billet.

    In the aspect of metallurgical energy conservation and environmental protection, the solid waste, waste liquid and waste gas generated in each process of the steel smelting industry are treated at the source, the stepwise separation and recovery of valuable elements are carried out, and the theory and process research of high-value materials are prepared and carried out. Multi-pollution joint prevention and control application engineering demonstration, and lead the entire steel industry for green manufacturing. The goal is to solve the major scientific problems and key technologies for the coordinated control and resource utilization of multi-pollutants in the iron and steel metallurgical industry, and provide technical support and scientific theoretical basis for the metallurgical industry to achieve green production of energy saving, emission reduction and emission reduction.

    Research Direction

    1. Clean steel metallurgical process design and optimization

    2. Collaborative control technology for green manufacturing and multi-pollutant in metallurgical industry

    Has achieved achievements and honors

    Hou Xinmei and Wang Lijun won the Outstanding Youth Fund; Hou Xinmei was selected as a young scholar of the “Changjiang Scholars Award Program” of the Ministry of Education; Yang Tao was selected as the National Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program.

    Related Personnel

    The team has 11 key researchers from Beijing University of Science and Technology, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company, Pangang Group Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 



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