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  • Welcome to collaborative innovation center of steel technology !
    Materials Design Research Team

    Team introduction

      Material design

        Based on the material genome engineering (MGI), reducing the R&D cycle and costs based on the independent research and development of urgently needed materials by major national projects. Achieve key technologies common via integrated computational steel materials engineering, construct design service platform to support steel production. To realize the design of urgently needed materials, build a collaborative research team of advanced steel materials design with cross-disciplinary, domestic leading and international high-level, growth to be an important base for guiding independent innovation of steel material design in our country.



    1. Integrated computational materials calculation, simulation and application

    2. Data driven advanced materials design and application

    3. Materials genome engineering and Demonstration application

    4. Design & Manufacture of cermet composite materials

    5. Design & Manufacture of bio-ceramic dental materials

    6. Design & Manufacture of Cu based anti-friction materials

    7. Design & Manufacture of metallic glass

    8. Integration of design and manufacturing of automotive parts

    9. Smart design and intelligent manufacturing of metallic materials


        Constructed national material science data sharing network (http://www.materdata.cn/), won 1 national science and technology award, 4 provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards, published more than 40 papers in journals and conferences, of which more than 30 were included by SCI/EI. Published 8 books and trained 24 doctors and masters.


        The group consists of 6 key researchers, Professor Haiqing Yin, Professor Guoquan Liu, Associate Professor Ruijie Zhang, Engineer Xue Jiang, Assisstant Researcher Cong Zhang and Assisstant Researcher Yongwei Wang. The team has 3 part-time experts, Professor Zi-Kui Liu from the Pennsylvania State University, Professor Ying Chen from Tohoku University and Professor Xuanhui Qu from University of Science and Technology Beijing.




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