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    Materials Design Research Team

    Team Introduction

      Haiqing Yin    Dr. & Professor

    【Research Projects】The 13th five-year National Key Technology R&D Program: Material genome engineering (MGE) databases and material big data technology, (No.

    Haiqing Yin, Dr. & Professor, and candidate of Beijing Science and Technology Star Program. Dr. Yin has been engaged in powder metallurgy material design and preparation and material data research, focusing on advanced PM techniques, database and machine learning, first-principles calculation, cross-scale design on boride cermet, biomaterials, nickel-based superalloy and copper alloys. In recent years she involves in the national key R&D plan projects, the National 973 and 863 Programs, the Scientific data Platform Construction Project, the NSF Project and Kennametal-USTB projects.

    Research Projects

    1. The 13th five-year National Key Technology R&D Program: Material genome engineering (MGE) databases and material big data technology, (No. 2016YFB0700503),2016-2020.

    2. Smart Manufacturing Plan Project from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: High-end wire material process digital simulation system, 2018-2019.

    3. Smart Manufacturing Plan Project from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Research on 6XXX series aluminum alloys for automobile panels based on material genome engineering, 2018-2019.

    4. Defense ProjectBuilding the ontology of nickel-based superalloys, 2018-2019.

    5. USTB-Kennametal Project: Investigation on Design and Fabrication of Tungsten-free Cermets, 2017-2019.



    1. Guoqiang Yang, Haiqing Yin, Zhifeng Xu, Tong Zhang, Jun Yang, Faming Gao, Qingjun Zheng, Xuanhui Qu. A first-principles-calculation exploration of ternary borides as potential alternatives to WC-Co[J]. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2019, 791: 761-772.

    2. Zhenghua Deng, HaiqingYin, Cong Zhang, Guofei Zhang, Wanquan Li, Tong Zhang, Ruijie Zhang, Xue Jiang, Xuanhui Qu. Microstructure and mechanical properties of Cu–12Al–xNi alloy prepared using powder metallurgy[J]. Materials Science and Engineering A: 2019, 759(24): 241-251.

    3. Zhenghua Deng, Haiqing Yin, Xue Jiang, Cong Zhang, Kaiqi Zhang, Tong Zhang, Bin Xu, Qingjun Zheng, Xuanhui Qu. Machine leaning aided study of sintered density in Cu-Al alloy, Computational Materials Science, 2018,155: 48–54.

    4. Hai-Qing Yin, Xue Jiang, Guo-Quan Liu, Sharon Elder, Bin Xu, Qing-Jun Zheng,Xuan-Hui Qu. The materials data ecosystem: Materials data science and its role in data-driven materials discovery. Chin. Phys. B . 2018, 27(11): 118101. doi: 10.1088/1674-1056/27/118101

    5. Jianqiao He, Zhijian Shao, Dil Faraz Khan, Haiqing Yin, Xuanhui Qu. Investigation of inhomogeneity in powder injection molding of nano zirconia. Powder Technology, 2018, 328207-214.


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